So I hit a show last weekend and it was pretty rockin. The band’s name is Particle.

For those of you who may have never heard of particle they are a funktastic live electronic drum and beats band.

There are a few bands like them, such as The Disco Biscuits, and Sound Tribe Sector 9, both of which I think are fantastic. These bands all started blending rock, jazz, funk and electronic into a crazy sound people sometimes call “livetronica”

The Particle People are those of us fans who happen to be super fans and like to go to all the shows. This group of people are very heavy into Particle and we really like it when they play super late night sets like 4am, so we can dance into the dawn.

These guys just happen to be crazy, they’ve been known to play up to 140 shows a year, and yes there are some fans who have tagged along and seen them all.

I do not happen to be one of them.

But I did catch the show in Lincoln, NE the other night and it was funky and hardcore electronic just like I like them.

They hit some big songs up off the new album and ripped into the crowd with some of their favorites that the longtime fans love to hear at all the shows such as: “launchpad” which they rocked with the fun swirling echoes and reverberant beats, Steve Molitz, keyboardist, in my opinion rocked the hardest.

All in all the show was great, I had fun with my friends and my wife and we went home afterward and curled up in bed under our friends feather comforter still listening to the tunes echoing in our eardrums. I don’t get to a lot of shows like this anymore because I’m getting old and I have 2 small kids!!

But if you have a chance to get out and see these guys anytime they get close to your hometown, definitely get off your butt and hit the show!

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